21 lesson. Film

Текст к двадцать первому уроку. Film.

I want to tell you about the film that I watched five days ago. The name of this film is “Four rooms”. The film consists of four parts. The action takes place in one of the hotel’s room. There were three men and one woman. Three men made a bet. They called the receptionist to take part in this bet. They also asked him to bring some strange things. Donut, sandwich with mussels, cutting board, ice and cutter. The idea of bet was that one of the man had to light a lighter ten times in row. If the lighter does not light up, the receptionist must cut off the little finger of one of the man and get one thousand dollars. Receptionist agreed to take part in this. So, from the first time the lighter didn’t light up and the receptionist cut off the little finger didn’t think, got the money and went away.

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