MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 MY  DREAM    CAME  TRUE!!! HELLO  MY GREAT TEACHERS  AND  FRIENDS OF  DRAGON  ENGLISH  SCHOOL!!! My name is Elezabeta. I'm eighty two years old. I'm a student of this amazing  school!  I learned a lot from the great  teachers  and this story, which I'll write  confirmation of this   I'll tell you  about my trip to USA.  It was in 2017  of September. I went to America, because i have some  relatives, their families and some friends from Tashkent there. I wanted to see them all.  They've been living in America  for at least 20-25 years. At first  I flew to  NY. The flight to NY took ten hours. It was interesting. I flew  over the Atlantic  Ocean and was on its coast. I felt good. In NY i saw my relatives, their children  and grandchildren.  And  I  met  my  friend  from Tashkent. We'd a very good time together. I also visited the graves of my brother  Boris and  my  cousin  Polina. She passed away when  she was one hundred and one years old.  And I visited the graves of my other relatives. I was in the Majestic Theatre  in Manhattan.I watched  the opera show «The Fhantom of the Opera»  there. It's one the most wonderful shows in the history of musical theatre.  After the show  we walked on the streets  of the evening Broadway. The streets were  lit up with different colorful adverts.The music was playing and the magicians were showing their tricks. People were walking along streets and eating different food and ice cream. All restaurants and cafes were open, and we went to a cafe. We ordered desserts, cocktails cakes and ice cream.The sweets were tasty and we had a lot of fun. We came back at night and we  had  a long discussion about our trip to Manhattan and about everything at all. Then I flew to Dallas — Texas,  the biggest State of America. This flight too four hours and I felt good too. I stayed there for two weeks.I saw my brother Anatoli and his daughter's family. My  relatives  showed me the sights of the city. I visited some very beautiful and historical places. The  whole city was already preparing for  the Christmas  holidays. I took  so many interesting photos.  We had a good time.  We  spoke a lot about our life, when we  lived in Tashkent and, of course  we talked  about our current lives in different countries.  I was happy that I had done it!!! Then I flew to Los — Angeles, California, to see my grandson Ilan,  his wife  Shiran and their newborn  baby. Her  name is Emmi. This is my fourth great-  granddaughter.  She was born on the 30th of September. I was so happy to be with them and nurse this baby and admire her as every day something  new appeared on her face. This feeling is brilliant! Ilan showed me all the beautiful places and sights of L. A. in our car trip. I visited the coast of the Pacific Ocean and districts of L.A.-  San- Monica and Malibu. The whole city is located between the mountains and  is very green. I finished traveling on October 22th and 23th i came back home  to Israel, where  my family was waiting  for me. My flight to Israel took fourteen hours, and the time  Difference between L.A. and Israel is ten hours.Therefore after that flight I couldn't get up for three days. I felt  very bad.  But my  dream came true!!! The whole vacation was awesome! I had a beautiful time and  I'll do my best to see them all again!                               

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1630 Elizabeta
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Не знаю почему получился текст разрозненным. Может кто-то поможет это исправить? Откликнитесь
3480 Ирина
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Hello Elizabeta,
I've just read your story about the magic trip to America. I'm so impressed! You're an amazing person, I really admire you.
Have a wonderful day,

1630 Elizabeta
1630 Elizabeta 21:51 #
Hello, Irina!!! Thank you very much of answer.
1984 Татьяна
1984 Татьяна 22:22 #
Hello Elizabeta, I hadn't known about your interesting story, and I've read it just now. I'm very exited about it and you. You're really strong ,sportive and interesting person. If I understood right you live in Israel. I live in Israel too. Have a good day and feel well, Татьяна 1984